Musubizm to Make Appearance at Marukome x MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Booth

Musubizm to Make Appearance at Marukome x MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Booth
Japanese miso soup company Marukome promoted a wide range of its unique miso soup at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 in London on 11 Oct!

Visitors were treated to free miso soup with two ingredients of their choice (the ingredients offered at the booth were tofu, seaweed, dry seaweed, deep-fried tofu, corn, spring onion, tomato paste, cheese and edamame).
There was also a cute little miso soup-inspired toy, which is known to bring more flavour to miso soup when people tell it “kawaii.”

Japanese idol group Musubizm also made a guest appearance, and served visitors miso soup.
After the event, each member shared her thoughts on the event, with Nami Yamada saying that it was nice to be able to promote Japanese food, while Misa expressed her surprise at rather unusual ingredients such as cheese and tomato.
Several members also shared their favourite things to put in; spring onion (Misa), fried tofu (Eru) and nameko (Rurika). Another member, Mai Imai, revealed that she brought a pack of marukome instant miso soup to London so she could enjoy the flavour of Japan while she’s overseas.
Musubizm offered one last advice to Londoners, if you want to try miso soup, try it with a ball of rice in the morning.

So what did locals think of the soup?
Check out some responses we got below:
  • I love Japanese breakfast so much that I even had one this morning but your miso soup definitely tasted different! It was really nice (17 years old, female)
  • The soup is so good! I’m glad that I also got the chance to talk to Musubizum. (19 years old, male)
  • I loved the combination of dry seaweed and fried tofu. I also liked the little display. (27 years old, male)
  • I love the soup! I’m usually shy but I was able to talk to the toy without being too shy! (13 years old, female)