Misa Kimura Joins Idol Group? Musubizm Perform Their First Concert

A new idol group made their debut under ASOBISYSTEM. Musubizm, a group of six fresh-faced girls, performed their first gig at 2.5D in Shibuya, Tokyo on Dec 19.
Model Misa Kimura, who has been interviewing her favorite idol groups on this website (MISA LABO), will be starting a new career as an idol herself!

Musubizm, clad in sailor uniform-inspired costumes, looked a little nervous at first. But as soon as they started performing Unluckygirl, a song about school, their true colours and talents started to shine through. The song, which has a catchy chorus that starts with “Unlucky”, really allowed the girls to show off their powerful voices.

The next song was Musubi★Izm. The song, which had many different Japanese-themed sound effects, instantly got the crowd rocking to the beat. After the performance, one group member burst into tears of relief. This concert must have been a nerve-wracking experience for the girls but it surely gave the audience a chance to have a glimpse into the potential of Musubizm.

Musubizm consists of six girls; Misa Kimura (a model and idol enthusiast), Eru Shina (the best singer of the group), Rurika Miyajima (a 16-year-old girl from Hiroshima), Nami Yamada (she has a very adorable smile), Mai Imai (she has an air of mystery) and Uni Wada (who loves music and subcultures more than anyone else in the group).

Musubizm was formed with a mission to spread Japanese kawaii culture to the world. The group is expected to have a jam-packed schedule of gigs across Japan next year.

Kawaii = adorable, cute, pop, fashionable, beautiful and cool.
Musubizm aims to spread Japanese kawaii culture to the world and to become an idol group that offers the one-and-only entertainment.
Official Website:http://musubizm.asobisystem.com