Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Announces New Album & Arena Tour

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu performed at Zepp Tokyo on Saturday, May 17th and Sunday, May 18th as part of her “KPP NANDA COLLECTION WORLD TOUR 2014”.

Many children and adults, dressed in their own recreation of KPP’s music video costumes, eagerly waited for the stage to light up. With the intro of “Nanda Collection”, dancers in their colorful outfits emerged on stage. The crowd cheered loudly, and the J-pop princess came into sight.

The stage set, which was created under the theme of a girl’s bedroom, was colorful and filled with adorable props such as a giant balloon bear, a polka dot bed, popcorn and a jack-in-the-box. The whole set has also been used for other overseas shows, and was shipped to Japan for these particular nights.

After performing “Invader Invader”, the singer shouted “hai” along the taiko sounds, and made a smooth transition into “Mi”.

“Good Evening, everyone! How are you feeling? Are you having fun?” The singer shouted, and 2,700 fans responded with a loud cheer. Zepp Tokyo was chosen as the venue for her Japan shows since most of the venues used for her world tour have a capacity of around 2,000.
“Zepp is just the right size! I feel like I can interact with you well! I want everyone to be involved in this concert! Let’s have a good time together!” The singer pumped up the crowd, and sang “Family Party”, performing her cute robot dance moves.

The “Kyary ANAN” dance lecture had every audience member involved. The 21-year-old walked up on a small stage, which looked like a giant hat, and showcased some dance moves. After a costume change, the singer appeared wearing an outfit she created from the pajamas she found for ¥1,500 at a secondhand store in Harajuku (the exact same costume was also used in her “Mottai Night Land” music video). She then performed “Kura Kura” with a feather duster in her hand, and “Super Schooter Happy” with a teddy bear.

Despite the amount of traveling and unpleasant jet lag she had to deal with, the singer seemed to enjoy her second world tour. She looked back at her overseas shows by displaying some photos on the screens above the stage. She told her fans about what she experienced during the tour, including the venue in Seattle, which looks like a museum, and the time she went to see Niagara Falls in Canada. She also talks about the time she took a photo with a great white shark model in Australia, and the delicious food she had in Hong Kong although she doesn’t do well with strong spices.

The next two songs “Yume no Hajima Ring Ring” and “Tsukema Tsukeru” were popular among the audience, as many of their costumes resembled these songs.

She also showed a video about her world tour, which included scenes where the singer practices some phrases in different languages before the show.
After changing into a gorgeous black dress accented with bright pink hem, the singer showered the audience with her hit tunes – the debut single “PONPONPON” and a rock-inspired tune “Fashion Monster”.

Soon after the singer left the stage, the crowd began chanting “Kyary”. The singer popped on stage once again, and shouted “I have big news for you!” and the letters “Break News! 3rd Album out on July 9th” flashed across the big screens above the stage. “I’m finally releasing my third album! It’s titled “Pika Pika Fantajin”! Fantajin is a combination of two words; fantasy and a person.” KPP briefly explained about her new album.

That wasn’t the only news she had! The singer announced her first Arena tour. The 5-city, 9-show tour, which will run from October 18th to November 9th, will take place in Makuhari, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Yoyogi and draw over 90,000 fans in total.
KPP announced this great news on the second day. But there was a beautiful surprise on the first day, too. During an encore, every audience member held an orange glow stick, and chanted, “Welcome back”, to celebrate the singer’s triumphant return.
It was a sea of orange glow sticks. The singer expressed her excitement, saying, “What is this!? Thank you so much!” and took a photo with the audience to capture the moment.

From the audience to KPP, and from her to the audience, these two days were filled with surprises.

KPP’s upcoming single “Kira Kira Killer” (due out on June 11th), as some can guess from the title, incorporates some dance routines and poses that resemble a bad guy in a movie. The audience got to enjoy the catchy tune earlier than anyone else.

Before wrapping up the show, the singer sang “Chan Chaka Chan Chan”, which is a farewell song that goes with a positive message “see you next time”.

KPP is primed for a busy year, with a new album, and two Japan tours on the way!


■Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 3rd album “Pika Pika Fantajin” 
Release Date: July 9th, 2014
First press limited edition A (CD+DVD) WPZL-30870/1 ¥3,800 without tax (¥4,104 with tax)
First press limited edition B (CD+DVD) WPZL-30915/6 ¥3,800 without tax (¥4,104 with tax)
Regular edition (CD) WPCL-11926 ¥3,000 without tax(¥3,240 with tax)
★First press limited editions come with a bonus DVD.
*Each edition contains different footage.
*More information will be announced closer to the date.

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【CD includes】
1. Kira Kira Killer
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■Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Third Live DVD "Kyary Pamyu Pamyu no Magical Wonder Castle"
Release Date: Wednesday, June 11th, 2014
mix-WPBL-90297 (DVD) ¥5,000 + tax
WPXL-90072 (Blu-ray) ¥6,000 (DVD) + tax
*The first press limited edition will come in a digipack edition (a cardboard flip-out case).

【DVD and Blu-ray includes】
1. Fashion Monster
2. Saigo no Ice Cream
3. Kimi ni 100 Percent
4. Kura Kura
5. Frisodetion
6. Mi
7. Minna no Uta
8. Super Scooter Happy
10. Kyary ANAN
11. Invader Invader
12. Noriko to Norio
13. Sungoi Aura
14. Point of View
15. Oyasumi
16. Giri Giri Safe
17. Tsukema Tsukeru
18. Ninjari Bang Bang
19. Otona na Kodomo
21. Mottai Night Land
22. Yume no Hajimarinrin
23. Chan Chaka Chan Chan
■Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Hall Tour (untitled)
Sun, Jul 27 Toda City Cultural Hall in Saitama
Fri, Aug 8 Olympus Hall Hachiouji in Tokyo
Tue, Aug 12 Sendai Sun Plaza Hall in Miyagi
Wed, Aug 13 Sendai Sun Plaza Hall in Miyagi
Fri, Aug 15 Mori no Hall 21st in Matsudo, Chiba
Sat, Aug 23 Nitori Culture Hall in Hokkaido
Sun, Aug 24 Nitori Culture Hall in Hokkaido
Tue, Aug 26 Obihiro Citizen’s Cultural Hall in Hokkaido
Sat, Aug 30 Tochigi Prefectural Culture Center in Tochigi
Sun, Aug 31 Hokuto Cultural Hall in Nagano (Nagano Prefectural Culture Center)
Sat, Sep 6 Niigata Prefectural Civic Center in Niigata
Sun, Sep 7 Honda no Mori Hall in Ishikawa
Sun, Sep 14 Yamagata Prefectural Civic Centre in Yamanashi
Mon, Sep 15 Ichikawa City Cultural Hall in Chiba
Thu, Sep 18 Hiroshima Cultural Academy HBG Hall in Hiroshima
Sat, Sep 20 Alpha Anabuki Hall in Kagawa
Mon, Sep 22 Himegin Hall in Aichi

■Arena Tour
Saturday, October 18th at Makuhari Messe Event Hall in Chiba
Thursday & Friday, October 23rd & 24th at Osaka Jo Hall in Osaka
Wednesday & Thursday, October 29th & 30th at Nippon Gaishi Hall in Aichi
Sunday & Monday, November 2nd & 3rd at Marine Messe Fukuoka in Fukuoka
Saturday & Sunday, November 8th & 9th at Yoyogi National 1st Gymnasium in Tokyo
Advance ticket sales for KPP CULB members start on June 2nd!
More information:
Kyary Pamuy Pamyu official website