Our Gourmet Diary ~Indian Restaurant AHILYA~

Our Gourmet Diary ~Indian Restaurant AHILYA~

In this series, we virtually take you to a popular Indian restaurant in town –AHILYA!


From healthy South Indian cuisine to rich North Indian dishes, notably known ones include tandoori chicken, the restaurant offers authentic Indian food for low prices.

Lunch B ¥990 (tax included)

Today, I got lunch B, which includes two kinds of curry, tandoori chicken, salad and an unlimited amount of naan bread and rice (¥990)!

As for curry, I got Chicken Dopiaza and Panchmel Dal. Both of them were seasoned nicely with a number of spices. Chicken Dopiaza had a mild flavour with gently cooked vegetables while Panchmel Dal had a refreshing and spicy taste sensation.

AHILYA is only a two-minute walk from Gaien-Mae Station! If you are in town, why not have a delicious Indian lunch at this authentic restaurant?


■AHILYA Aoyama Store
Location: 2-27-18 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
[Mon-Fri] 11AM-3PM, 5:30PM-11PM
[weekends and public holidays] 11:30AM – 11PM
Open year round
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