New Fall Trend! Color Eyelashes and Eyebrows

New Fall Trend! Color Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Feel a cold autumn breeze coming? Now that autumn is approaching, it’s probably a good time to transition your wardrobe to fall! This autumn, it seems like a lot of girls are coloring their lashes and brows. 
Let’s take a look at hairdressers and models’ favorite fall makeup looks and how you can incorporate the trend into your style!

Hairdressers are always a step ahead of the fashion game! We met up with a few hairdressers who work at local hair salons!


Left: Mai Hamaguchi (DaB hair salon)
Right: Hieomi (DaB hair salon)
Hiromi and Mai each rocks a short hairstyle and colored eyebrows. They use eye shadow instead of brow liner to color their brows.

This Make up forever palette works really well on my skin! I applied this on my eyes, brows and cheeks. I used the vivid yellow color on my brows for a bit of a punkish look. 

I love using the Amuse eye shadow palette. I applied the Bordeaux shade on my bleached eyebrows. It’s the middle one in the fifth row. I use this color when my outfit is simple.


Right: (LAURUN)

These girls know how to dress chic! We love how their colored eyelashes add sophisticated flare to their black-based outfits.

I got this purple mascara from Village Vanguard. I had to ask my customer where she got it from because I really wanted one for this autumn. The brand is called CHAMELEON. It seems to color my eyebrows better when I use it after applying RNK black mascara.

I think navy blue makes my eyes appear sharper. I use this ADDICTION color mascara when I wear a sophisticated, casual outfit. The color is called B3. I used it only on my lower lashes as well as upper lashes at the outer to corner add a subtle color. That way, you get beautiful, mesmerizing eyes.


Minami Kurihara bloc 
Kurihara looks fancy and sexy with her pastel pink hair and the American Apparel skirt, which gives her outfit a punch of color and a western-inspired, girly look.

I love pink. I bought this L.A.Splash mascara at Okadaya in Shinjuku. It makes your skin look whiter, which makes it perfect for western-inspired looks. I also used pink eye shadow to create cute girly eyes.